Traditional & Alternative Solutions To A Healthy Life


Overview of Services

Services are catered towards teens, young adults, and adults.  A full range of services are available with a fusion of artistry and offered to help you start on the path to well-being.  Mahogany Vida Unlimited (MVU) services include:  therapy & counseling, training & coaching, keynotes & presentations, and personal/ professional development.

Therapy & Counseling

These services use a strength based model to assist you in: assessing, unraveling and analyzing the roadblocks, barriers, and/ or psychological problems of the past; facilitating the ability to identify and process the emotional thoughts and feelings of the present; enabling you to ignite the progression of healing towards a more healthy future.  We use an eclectic approach with a fusion of traditional and alternative methods to aid in providing you with healthy coping mechanisms, techniques, and skills. 

Artistic Fusion

This service is the bridge between traditional and alternative solutions (used in psychotherapy and coaching) fused with artistic creativity.  Using the artistic expression of the artist (performing and/or visual arts), the focus is on specific themes and/or challenges that may be blocking or hindering the artist from moving forward to a healthier and/or more productive life.


What is the difference between therapy/counseling, coaching, and consulting?