Arts & Entertainment, Mental Health, and Education



The mission of Mahogany Vida Unlimited (MVU) is to enhance communities by providing services integrating arts & entertainment, mental health, and education to embrace the absolute essence of the mind, body, and spirit and maintain balance within individuals Triple P Lifestyle (Personal, Professional, and Private lives) by channeling into one of the Ten Core Life Areas.  Additionally, too counsel, coach, consult, and/or train individuals to embrace their uniqueness, authenticity, and passion while enhancing their self awareness, interpersonal, and leadership skills. 

Many Disciplines. One Client.

In the spirit of the Mahogany Vida Brand, a primary goal is to provide Unlimited Services to clients with a broader understanding of a healthy lifestyle and a more lasting sense of well-being.  MVU focuses from within, what MVU believes are the Ten Core Life Areas of a person's life:  Spirituality, Finances, Family, Employment, Emotional Well-Being, Housing, Physical Well-Being, Social Well-Being, Education, and Service to Others.

Instead of the traditional problem-centered focus of conventional techniques, MVU applies a strength-based, client-centered approach that addresses the whole person rather than the symptoms and/or current situation.  MVU takes you on an interactive journey to help you discover your authentic self, learn proven tools/skills to help manage your lifestyle, and find clarity in your life through the process.

MVU combines the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing and take advantage of the knowledge of several disciplines including coaching, artistic expression, psychology, social work, and more.  What this means is that client's work together with MVU to develop an integrated diagnostic and therapeutic plan that will best address their whole person.