Individual & Team Assessments


Certified Partner

Mahogany Vida Unlimited (MVU) is a certified partner with TotalSDI, providing eight valid and reliable assessment tools that help clients discover and influence the motives that drive behaviors. These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that participants can use to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce conflict.

Overview of Assessments

TotalSDI assessments provide a link between leadership and organizational performance. Research suggests that relationships, while often considered a “soft” skill, actually play a direct role in organizational and team performance. New goals, different team members, and changing roles, structures, and accountabilities are realities in today’s workplace that generate stress, conflict, and other relationship issues at all levels of the organization. Faulty work relationships often result in conflict that impacts every aspect of a business – from board and executive relations, to customer relationship management, supplier partnerships, and employee and labor relations.

Conflict impacts leaders, teams, and individuals, and frequently is the underlying cause of the common issues that arise in today’s work environments. Studies show that more than 65 percent of performance issues result from strained relationships – up, down, and across the organization. It is not the lack of knowledge, skills, or motivation, but the mismanagement of relationships that creates the greatest cost to organizations.

TotalSDI’s suite of assessments address the root causes of these issues so that participants can make meaningful, sustainable changes in how they lead and work with each other.

Navigating the intersection of Self-Awareness and Team Effectiveness

This interactive Total Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) training, involves helping participants understand how their motives drive their behaviors, how those motives and behaviors change during different situations, and how to develop a better understanding of the motive-driven behaviors of others.  Its purpose is to drive stronger relationships and more effective teams.   

The tools utilized within the sessions/ trainings are designed to help participants understand themselves and others, not just how they behave, but why they behave in certain ways when (1) things are going well and (2) when there is conflict - and that understanding can lead to meaningful, practical changes in leaders and teams that minimize conflict and maximize effectiveness.

In this training, participants will learn:

  • How their overdone strengths can still work and cause conflict
  • How others perceive their behavior when you take a strength too far
  • How to recognize another's overdone strengths
  • How to manage their overdone strengths and improve their outcomes

Sessions can be scheduled as individual and/or groups.  This training includes three robust assessments, content training, individual/ team activities, and/or the completion of an action plan.

Assessment Tools

By understanding why people do or say things in certain situations, we can make better decisions and avoid or deal with unproductive conflict more effectively. TotalSDI provides the tools needed to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the costs of conflict.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) helps participants understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviors in two different conditions — when things are going well and when they face conflict. By increasing self-awareness and interpersonal awareness, it increases personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness.

The Strengths Portrait ranks how a participant values and uses 28 unique strengths (or behaviors) to produce a picture of how they choose certain behaviors when working with people.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait ranks how frequently a participant may overdo the 28 different strengths (our unique perspective on what most would call “weaknesses”). This provides insight into the costs of overdone strengths and reveals sources of preventable conflict.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Feedback Edition uncovers differences in perceptions and encourages healthy discussions and constructive feedback.

The Strengths Portrait – Feedback Edition allows participants who provide feedback to create a picture of the strengths they see another person using most and least often in their relationship. It provides ways to effectively communicate constructive feedback by getting those perceptions out in the open.


The Overdone Strengths Portrait – Feedback Edition reveals assumptions participants make about others and helps to resolve misunderstandings.


The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Expectations Edition can clarify expectations of any role and increase personal effectiveness and satisfaction.


The Strengths Portrait – Expectations Edition allows individuals and teams to prioritize 28 different strengths (or behaviors) they believe are required for high performance in a particular role. It provides insight into sources of satisfaction and/or misunderstanding with the role and helps participants learn how to choose more effective behaviors.


On-site and virtual session are available.  

The assessment produces a three-page report for the facilitator summarizing the results of the team 

The assessment produces a 15-page personalized report for each participant which provides an overview of the results and key concepts, along with insights and information specific to the participant’s results.