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Arts & Entertainment Community

The Mahogany Vida Unlimited (MVU) Arts & Entertainment Community comprise of athletes, non-artists, amateur artists, and professional artists.  These are individuals who use the performing and/or visual arts as a pathway to express, heal, manage, escape, or make sense of the world. They may also use it as a funnel of self-identity, exploration, creativity, or personal/ professional development.  Others may use sports as their pathway to relax, find clarity, vent, heal, and/or increase their self-confidence/ self-esteem.  

* The types of art include:  dancing, music, photography, writing, journaling, singing, drawing, producing, directing, composing, acting, etc.

Music & Lyrics By Design

This is an interactive workshop integrating music, mental health, and education.  It provides a safe environment to identify and umask your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, challenges your thought process, and provides a sense of clarity in your life through the process.  Participants are educated how the mind processes information, how their thoughts could be self-sabotaging different aspects of their life, and provides proven practical solutions and tools to manage their thought process to achieve success.   

Individual and group sessions are available.  Individual sessions include reflective journaling through artistic fusion.

Are you an artist that wants to get involved?  Contact MVU for more information.

#MVU Unmask Me

CALLING PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTISTS to get involved either online or live!

#MVU Unmask Me is MVU's campaign to increase awareness, educate, and unmask the stigma of mental health and social issues through arts and entertainment.  The goal is to help the community embrace their authenticity and transparency through the arts by providing a platform for the voiceless and educate the public toward a more positive behavior transformation.   

Mental Illness is real and though arts and entertainment we can support the mental health and education community by providing a safe platform for those challenging conversations and offer opportunities and solutions for transformation.

Struggling with Social/Emotional Roadblocks or Challenges?

You no longer need to struggle alone.  MVU can work with you through those challenges "beyond the spotlight" whether you need counseling, therapy, coaching, or consultation.  Your well-being is of the utmost importance.

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